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Fear Before The March of Flames
Fear Before The March of Flames

(February 2004)

This is an interview with Brandon Proff, the drummer of Fear Before The March of Flames

  1. What do you like most about being a musician?

    Brandon: What I like about the live aspect is the adrenaline and energy you feel when knowing that's what we do when we don't have to work. What I love about recording is it's a chance to make music as perfect as possible. You get to hear music's potential after you've been messing with it. To see what it becomes is great to me.

  2. You have beautiful red locks. Is it natural or do you dye?

    Brandon: Natural hair color. Red pubes, but, I generally don't like talking about it. Our other guitarist at the mention of my pubes in public got beat up and had to take it.

  3. Who's your favorite band member besides yourself?

    Brandon: I can relate to Mike the most, reason being, I generally consider myself pretty straightforward and I don't have many extremes in my personality. He's like that too and doesn't stress out too much.

  4. Besides us, what other bands do you like to tour with?

    Brandon: Gatsby's, Salt the Earth, Anatomy of a Ghost, and pretty much every band we've already toured with we've gotten along with well. Future tours we want to tour with our friends, but are open to tour with whoever, it's up in the air.

  5. What music are you listening to right now?

    Brandon: Fairweather, Death Cab, John Mayer, Outkast, adios. Adios is a small band from Ohio who sent me their cd and it's amazing.

  6. What's your ultimate goal of being in music?

    Brandon: For us as a band, we just love what we do so much we want to work as hard as we can and go as far as our feet can take us. Having any other more specific goals would be in vain. Just to be able to keep things fresh for us and tour full time is what we're trying to obtain.

  7. Any personal life goals?

    Brandon: There are people in bands that want music to take them to wherever it goes and there's people who love what they do but do other things too. I do graphic design and love it. I do it for us and others. I'd do music for as long as I can. I'd like to get married and stuff at some point. I don't want to say when that point comes I'll stop music or anything. It's a very fine line. I don't want to be a Rolling Stone and when I'm 60 still in Fear. But who knows? We'll probably still be kicking each other.

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